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At Heritage Trust, our members’ privacy and account security is a priority. It’s important to us that you receive information to help prevent something like identity theft from happening to you. Heritage Trust will never contact you by email, mail, or phone asking for confidential information. Do not respond to any suspicious correspondence.

If you suspect that you have received suspicious information, please call our local Contact Center at (843) 832-2600 or (800) 845-5550.

Cyber Security

Heritage Trust Provides Identity Theft Protection

  • Here are recommended steps you can take to remain vigilant against possible identity fraud, including how to obtain your free credit report and Heritage Trust’s identity theft protection:

How Anonymous Are You?

  • You may think that you are anonymous as you browse websites, but pieces of information about you are always left behind.

Preventing and Responding to Identity Theft

  • Most companies and other institutions store information about their clients in databases; if a thief can access that database, he or she can obtain information about many people at once rather than focus on one person at a time.

General Precautions to Protect Yourself

  • Never reveal personal password information to anyone for any reason.
  • Monitor your accounts frequently. Report any unusual account activity to Heritage Trust.
  • Never place personal information in the trash or recycle bin. Shred important information!
  • Sign up for Online Statements. The number one place thieves go for personal information is your mail box.
  • Review your credit report annually. If there are inaccuracies or you suspect suspicious activity, report it immediately.
  • Keep your information current. It is important that the Credit Union has current information to reach you.
  • Only download applications from a trusted source.
  • Protect your mobile device with a unique password that only you know.

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Your savings federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government. National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency.


Additional coverage up to $250,000 provided by Excess Share Insurance Corporation, a licensed insurance company.